Breeding of Kentish Plover in a managed area in the Massa estuary

La reproduction du Gravelot à collier interrompu sur une zone sableuse aménagée dans l’estuaire de Massa (Parc National de Souss-Massa) dans le cadre d’un projet financé par le PPS-FEM.

Between 2021 and 2023, GREPOM/BirdLife Morocco, in collaboration with the Souss-Massa National Park management and the National Agency for Water and Forests (ANEF), carried out a project aimed at creating new breeding habitats for shorebirds, terns, and gulls in the Massa estuary, located within the Souss-Massa National Park in southwest Morocco (Photo below).

The sandy area managed for breeding waders, terns, and gulls at Massa estuary.

On 29 April 2023, the Coordinator of GREPOM’s Souss-Massa Unit recorded the first breeding instances of Kentish Plover (Charadrius alexandrines) on a managed sandy inland area measuring about 300 m2 at the Massa estuary. Throughout the 2023 breeding season, a total of 39 eggs were cumulatively laid by the Kentish Plover breeding pairs across 13 nests (Photos below).

Funding for this project was provided through the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Facility (SGP-GEF). Additionally, Vogelbescherming Nederland (VBN, BirdLife Netherlands) also contributed financially to the project.

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